Glitz, gold, opulence, leather, dash of lace, and a smattering of dark animal print, and you’ve got the Fall 2012 Hit List.

Taking a cue from Old Man Soros, gold jewelry, from earrings to bangles, trumps silver this season. Classic thin link gold bracelets won’t be seen as much this Autumn, in favor of larger leather cuffs, and gold-lined, black glitter stone bangles.

If you thought the Black Diamond Azature nail polish was opulent, you might want to duck and cover as old brocade patterns adorn all apparel including blazers, boots, and bags. Expect to see tapestries walking down 5th Avenue.

Take heed if you decide to go for maximum opulence this year. First, wear only one tapestry piece at a time (if matching you can get away with having it be your accessories). Anything over one pattern, and you’ll look like a mobile, Stately Home Exhibit. Second, the opulent look worn near rioters, OWS, and other protesters, might result in you getting your ass beat. This is not a look for Zuccotti Park, Oakland, Downtown Detroit, Athens, or Catalonia.

Suede makes a comeback once again. Smoking slippers and loafers will take you clear into November. Pin-thin stilettos aren’t on point for this season, as stacked heels, and wedges make navigating the streets easier.Midnight blue

The micro-purses of summer, don’t pull off the same magic as a nice clutch, laced or glitzed-out, does. One bedroom apartment-sized handbags are left at home, as medium-range bags cater better to the spine. Again, like always, leather, leather, leather. Dark brown, polished black, PDers get the point.

Fashion Gurus are making a huge push for quilted fabric, but the fact of the matter is that look will always be a bit too QE2-dining-at-the-Captain’s-table-dated. If you have warm spot for everything elderly 80’s, then a quilted leather bag is a less geriatric way to go.

As much as PD loves cobalt blue, this season is all about the magic of midnight blue. Crisp and dark, you’ll find midnight blue edging on almost everything. Whereas last Fall was all about autumn orange, midnight blue and like we said before, Chuck Norris hit it out of the park with his dark berry number, are this season’s color staples.

We aren’t sure if it’s Snooki inspired, but animal print will factor in heavily on the accessory front this Fall. Scarfs, and bag trim will be awash in leopard, and cheetah. To echo back to the loafers and smoking slippers we mentioned earlier, animal print will be heavy on those as well.

Overall, there’s nothing too shocking in store for Fall. Sure, Iran and Israel could go to war, the US Moody’s Credit Rating will be lowered, and Germany may pull the plug on the Euro, but nothing fashion-wise.