It’s not you, honey---it’s the government.As more and more people are faced with canceled plans, jacked up rates, and just the joys of government incompetence, you’d think that PD would be happy that people are actually waking up to what was to us from day one the obvious disasters of Obamacare— but in all honesty, while a bulk of libertarians are gloating, we’re only rolling our eyes.

Now the public is starting to get it, kewl—let’s move on and get to work making the arguments and cutting off big government at the knees.

If your bestie was banking on a June wedding, Obamacare is likely to kill that dream as there are special insurance penalties built into the legislation for married couples.

Yup, that’s right. All of the single ladies, will find it even harder to convince their significant other to put a ring on it come next year.Unfortunately this type of “union” won’t catch a break.

According to an example (which is just the tip of the iceberg on healthcare legislation for those married) in The Atlantic, a married couple in New York making $62,040 a year, would receive no government subsidies, while a couple merely cohabitating making $91,920 would qualify for government subsides.

This doesn’t bode well for the toaster and pressure cooker industries, does it?