You might want to buy stock in toaster and pressure cooker firms, because love and legislation are truly in the air these days, and if you live in India you better get ready to hit the wedding circuit….hard.

We’ve talked about the country’s attempts to cut down on reports of rape by pushing child bride programs, but now, the India court system has taken into account the plight of those 18 years old ladies on books.

Justice C.S. Karnan ruled last week, that if two unmarried citizens engage in ‘sexual gratification’ then those two are considered in the eyes of the law to be married, and if they would like to separate, the pair will need a court sanctioned divorce.

Mazel tov!The one-night-stand that lasts a lifetime.

The only rub that comes into play is that one party will need to show “proof” of the sexual aspect of the relationship to a Family Court, in order to receive any perks provided by the state to married couples.

Once said proof is presented though, the two are considered legally married, even if one party doesn’t much like the idea.

Wow, the India Singles’ Scene just got a lot more complicated.