He's probably got a great personality.Your teenage years are for making mistakes.

They’re for embracing pastel goth, and duct-taping poetry to your shirt. It’s a time for watching Bill O’Reilly, discussing Ralph Nader and shopping at Claire’s. In short, your teenage years are for a full flirtation with stupidity.

In saying that though, there are lines. Running off to find your Prince Charming in a Daash terror camp is one of those things considered by most (apart from those in the White House) as a skosh over the teenage stupidity line.The reality of Sharia.

Oh sure, you’ll receive loads of aid from the US Government, but being a jihadi bride isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

As terrible as your life is now with your iPhone 6 and duds from Abercrombie, trying round the clock raping after having your clit clipped, beatings, and putting up with a guy who never remembers to leave his bloody machete at the door won’t bring you happiness.

A true patriot. Add a little acid thrown in your face when you can’t get your noble jihadist’s whites their whitest, and we dare say you might be downright miserable.

Happy Friday!