What are you waiting for?With last week and now this week, it’s obvious that Turkey is definitely getting serious about their declining population problems.

AKP and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu decided that if they’ve set the new child mandate at least three children per couple, then they might as well sweeten the deal by also paying young people to hurry up and tie the knot in order to form strong family units.

Calling back to President Erdogan’s comments about how young women shouldn’t be so choosey (“Don’t delay your marriage. Decide quickly and marry while you are studying or immediately after graduation. The minute you find your destiny. Don’t be too selective. If you are, you won’t achieve it.”) last year, the 10,000 Turkish lira (roughly $4000) payday for matrimony is additionally being supplemented with special savings accounts, where the Turkish Government promises to pay 15% on what the young couple manages to sock away from the first five years.Your Government thinks it is a nice day for a white wedding.

Still not convinced that the married life is for you? Well, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has also decided to forgive all loans to university students that marry before they graduate.

So to recount, you’ve got the 10,000 lira in cash, the payouts per kid, the 15% saving account and the free schooling. Dare we say, “Mazel tov?”