Diplomatic inception. After telling blacks to vote Democrat simply because and giving them permission to have a little KFC if they do, you might think that the First Lady couldn’t be proven a better diplomatic figure, but it turns out that her hashtag/sign holding twitter campaign has been deemed one of the best moves of the Obama Administration this year.

Sure, no one has brought back “our” girls (219 at last count, if they are still breathing), but at least a dialogue has been started with Nigeria’s terror group Boko Haram.

In a video sent to the press, fresh off taking over Mubi (one of Africa’s top vacation picks of 2007) Abuakar Shekau responded to Michelle’s twitter demands—with laughter.

Between giggles, Shekau got out that, “The issue of the girls is long forgotten, because I have long ago married them off…In this war, there is no going back.”We’re sure they’re all happily married.

Hey, talking and laughter? That’s great. A few more back and forths, and heck, maybe the White House can extend a garden party invitation to the Boko Haram brass.

Of course, while most of the pundits this week have said that the election results were a referendum on Barack Obama’s policies, they could just as easily be a referendum on Michelle Antoinette’s