Talk about dangerous.Kim Jong-Un might have rearranged the DPRK wedding season to better suit his security needs, but as far as the Asian continent is concerned he isn’t alone.

China recently launched the Dangerous Love campaign. No, not yet another playoff of Beyoncé’s Lemonade woes, but rather a set of cartoons geared to warning Chinese women about the security risks of falling for a Capitalist Dog Western man.

Side note: Wait, so maybe it is a playoff of Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

The comic strip features a bespectacled, ginger Casanova trying to use his masculine wiles to procure information from an innocent Chinese secretary.


Unfortunately, Li (the Chinese Government’s sweet heroine) doesn’t realize she is being conned and gives her foreign soulmate sensitive documents, only to have him ghost her after he gets the information.The Authorities only want to help you find true, STATE-APPROVED love.

Not only does the last picture find Li heart broken, but she’s also in handcuffs being told by authorities that she is, “Suspected of violating our Nation’s law.”

Heartbreak? Handcuffs? Ladies, the moral is clear; stick to homegrown comrades