Fun fact: Ibtihaj Muhammad took up fencing, because the uniform allowed her to be concealed.

As part of their Shero (see what they did there?) line Mattel Inc. has promised to release a Barbie based off of Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, complete with hijab.

While the Progressive Left is tripping over themselves to heap praise on Mattel Inc., we can’t help but wonder, aren’t dolls in general considered haram?

Of course, to find out, as with most things, the answer depends on which hadith you read and who you talk to.

On the one hand, images with a face are considered haram, hands down (or cut off).

However, there is the story of Aisha showing her doll collection to Muhammed, and getting a smile in return, which according to Maalikis, Shaafa’is and Hanbalis has been translated to dolls allow girls a chance to practice their maternal instincts, better preparing them for the future— making dolls for girls the exception to the other hadith rule.

Ultimately though, once this doll is released, do you think that Mattel Inc. is just banking on the mobs, both those purchasing one as a gift and those purchasing a few to burn, for a boost in profits?

Just askin’.