“How’s that for you, Donald?”With a now basically permanent State of Emergency, Erdogan’s Foreign Ministry has decided, since the election of Donald Trump to issue a travel warning for any Turkish citizens looking to tour the United States— you know, in case of, “Xenophobic or racist attacks.”

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, “Within the context of risks caused by the incidents and of social tension, our citizens who live in the US, or who are considering traveling there, should be cautious.”

Of course, who can argue with a little caution? Say in Ankara or Istanbul, Turkey where the US Embassy staff was told to evacuate due to extremist groups’, “Aggressive efforts to attack US citizens in areas of Istanbul where they reside or frequent.”Travel warning tantrums.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

In any case, Turkey further advises their citizenry in the US to, “Follow local media, to follow the warning of our embassy in Washington and American security forces, to stay away from protests, to increase their security in work space and to apply to local security when there is a racist or xenophobic attack while keeping calm.”