These Mayan ruins are a hipster’s paradise.If you a planning on spending your Spring Break in Mexico, apart from needing to have your head examined, be forewarned that your vacation snaps (digital or otherwise) will now come with a heftier price tag.

With foot traffic of about 2 million people a year, Tulum National Park on the Yucatan Peninsula is now charging tourists 45 pesos per each photographic device they bring in.

Whether you have a rinky-dink disposable camera, serious Nikon, iPhone, Samsung, tablet, or GoPro each one will cost you.After years of allowing tourists to climb through the ruins, that practice has since been banned.

This new charge of 45 pesos comes to about $2.50, which can quickly add up when you consider that the typical tourist has at least a few of the above everywhere they go.

For their part, the higher ups at Tulum National Park have yet to explain the reasoning behind this new cost, but what say you, PDers? Is this just another example of a must-see tourist trap trying to nickel and dime whatever they can, or simply a shrewd business move to contain insurance premiums by cutting down on the amount of selfie stick injuries?