Maya Bay today.

The bay today.

Looking for a getaway this month? Well, if you like a last minute vacation, getting into Thailand’s Maya Bay might be the way to go.

Maya Bay’s Coral Closures

How the Thai Government hopes to keep Maya Bay over the summer.

How the Thai Government hopes to keep the bay over the summer.

This year, the Thai Government has decided to close the Leonardo DiCaprio famed beach, Maya Bay, from June to September.

Claiming 77% of the area’s coral is at risk from boat anchors, the four-month closure is a last-ditch recovery effort.

Of course, Thailand is not new to tourist bans, as Koh Yoong Island has been closed for about 3 years to repair its coral reefs.

Anyways, remember, if you are able to go to Maya Bay before its closure, don’t pack your two piece.