Tanks in the streets? Not coup, just a normal Saturday.Since it is Red Shirt versus Yellow Shirt again on the streets of Bangkok to the same level of the coup back in 2006, you might want to put your Thai holiday on hold.

Who would have thought the meaning of the term coup would be so debatable? With the former Commander of Egypt’s Armed Forces al-Sisi poised to make his Presidential post permanent in Egypt, in the same vein the Thai military has been quick to downplay their new use of martial law.

Troops have been stationed outside of TV stations for the better part of a week enforcing new censorship laws that Army Chief General Prayut Chan-O-Cha says were put into place for national security reasons—since reporting the news and saying what you believe is clearly against the Nation’s best interests at this point.#wartimeselfies

The US government though, claims the use of martial law in the region by Thai authorities is only temporary and absolutely necessary to get through this crisis—again, because there’s no way this is a coup.

Of course, if you’d like to snap a selfie with military strongmen then by all means do not cancel your last minute ticket to the Land of the Free.