PDers may recall back in July when we discussed how illegal immigrants were waved through TSA without passports or other screening the TSA was jacking up fees for their safety services.

Well, shocker of all shockers, apparently there was a tiny glitch in the system and now travelers are actually being over-charged far and beyond the dick slap mandated in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013.

Flights to Hawaii, Alaska, and foreign destinations are especially prone to this computer glitch.Hey! Cobalt blue ain’t cheap.

With the tax projected to bring in $3.6 billion per year for the TSA, it’s so far unclear how many more snazzy new uniforms this glitch will be able to buy and whether or not that extra billion or two will be used to properly train TSA agents to identify the differences between Gram Gram’s peach pie and an IED, and to recognize driver’s licenses from Washington D.C.

Good luck booking your next flight.