With the Obama Administration still trying to milk the sequester for all it’s worth by roughing up the Easter Bunny, canceling the 4th of July, and grounding the FAA everywhere but Washington D.C., Texas Representative, and twin sister of Frederica Wilson, Shelia Jackson Lee got to celebrate 63 years of being a freed slave by taking a taxpayer funded jaunt to the Orient.

Lee’s February travels included informational stops in Korea, Vietnam (both North and South), and Cambodia, as she explored new ways to style her hair for Congress—you know as a way to better get her message, or her constituents’ messages, out there. Wow, that hairstyle is worth the money spent.

Sending the $23,646 bill to the taxpayers, Lee only spent about $19,000 on transport. It’s not confirmed, but a fairly reliable source has claimed that she even made the sacrifice of flying Business Class on one of the shorter flights to help lower that bill.

Now there’s a politician concerned with the plight of those she represents.