Move over kale.It is harvest time for most farmers in the world this month, and if you are able to get away to Cambodia this October, you’ll be able to get the choice picks of the country’s new bumper crop.


More specifically, the rattus argentiventer that spends most of their late summer days splashing around the rice fields of Cambodia, has now earned the title of healthy delicacy throughout the Asian region.

Hey, essentially they are free-range and organic, both big selling points to Whole Foods hipsters.Is your mouth watering yet?

Tasting a bit more like pork than chicken, rice field rats add just the right hint of gaminess to soup or can make for one hell of a Fall pate.

Selling for about $2.50 per kilo, the demand for this new super food has increased exponentially in the last five years, and shouldn’t be missed on your next holiday in Cambodia