PD knows that when you think of architecture marvels, your mind immediately goes to North Korea (we know ours does) and our ex-boyfriend Kim Jong-un. In the case that you aren’t one of our few hundred thousand North Korean PDers, and you haven’t made it yet to fest your eyes upon Ryugyong Hotel (we say ‘fest your eyes’ as in all its glory and brilliance it isn’t finished yet) you must cross the borderline post haste…or click our Read More button. Whichever you find easier. Hey, PD is a libertarian organization.

Ryugyong Hotel is a 105 story tall pyramid scheme building that began construction back in 1987. To be fair, construction has stopped and started and stopped and started due we’re guessing to union troubles. Those damn lazy unions. Don’t they know that their Dear Leader wants this done…yesterday? Okay, many yesterdays ago? Jeez, this is exactly why PD refuses to look for the union label.

Anyways, as Ryugyong is an ongoing project, usually State Officials don’t allow pictures of it to be leaked to the rest of the world (hey, it is a surprise, albeit a twenty-five year surprise). There are even lucrative (well, North Korean style lucrative) jobs allotted to Photoshop experts that spend their days removing any images of the hotel from tourist’ snaps.

Now with construction back on track again, and Kim Jong-un importing pizza and junk food by the box, the North Korean powers that be have released the following pictures. The Ryugyong Hotel is a true jewel in the People’s Republic’s food bowl crown, and goes by many names.


The Hotel of Doom.


The Worst Building in the World.


The Phantom Hotel.

North Korean Goodness.

류경호텔. Don’t freak out, that’s just the hotel’s spelling in Korean, loosely translated to, Capital of Willows.

If you think you might be in the area in 2057, join PD as we will be having a huge blowout bash to celebrate the Ryugyong Hotel’s opening. By the way, that bash will be BYOB.