Here at PD we’re all about innovative thinking. Instead of asking, “Why?” we prefer to go with, “Why not?” Our writers dig deep and try to give you the truth from an angle ignored by the New World Order Media or the NWOM. If you want N-WOM (trying saying it—it’s fun) hit up somewhere else.

Anyways, today we’d like to pilot a new program here at PD called, “Genius Idea of the Week.” We kept things uber depressing last month with our Feared Future Fridays, so we figured an injection of a little abstract thought on Fridays could be a nice change.

Drum roll please.

PD would like to present Egyptian cool kid, Murgan Salem al-Gohary (spelled ten thousand different ways to hell). A rat with 17 lives, Salem al-Gohary lost two of them when he was sentenced on two separate occasions to life in prison. Apparently, Egyptian prisons are easier to escape from than an Airport Hilton.

After a brief vacation and speaking tour in Afghanistan, and now with his bro, from the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi in power, Salem al-Gohary has been spending a lot of time in the birth place of democracy—Tahir Square, waxing eloquent on the love and tolerance of Islam. This the sweet, kind-hearted genius behind the new tourism program.

Expressing a view point not often considered, Salem al-Gohary as of late has been a firm proponent of a sure fire way to boost tourism to Egypt. (Are you seated?) Salemi wants to blow up those desert eyesores of the Sphinx and Pyramids.

The phrase out of the box is tossed around a lot, but let PD assure you, this guy belongs in a box. Wow, blowing up the Pyramids is a genius thought, but where’s the scientific backing?

Don’t worry, Salem al-Gohary swears the science is settled. “God ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols. When I was with the Taliban we destroyed the Statue of Buddha—something government failed to do.”

Oh yeah, that’s right. You guys did blow up the Statue of Buddha. Funny how the N-WOM doesn’t often bring that up when they discuss how radical Islam is the greatest thing since sliced up adulteress.