Hey, PDers! Well, it seems that even the Egyptian President himself, Mohamed Morsi, wants you to know that Egypt is perfectly safe for tourists. Believe me, my friend! Believe me!

After Israel’s counter-terrorism office told all of their citizens and fellow Jews to “immediately” leave Egypt’s Sinai peninsula last Thursday, August 2 nd, Morsi made haste to the airwaves to inform tourists that the Egyptian Government was making every effort to prevent any trouble in the region.

“Egypt is safer than before and open to all, and Luxor will remain the capital of tourism and antiquities.” President Morsi continued with, “Here, you have security. Move around freely and make the most of Egypt’s climate and ancient civilization. We will do everything possible to ensure you enjoy your stay in Egypt.”

Whew! What a relief!Don't mind us...

On an unrelated note, yesterday, Sunday, August 5th, Islamist gunmen killed 15 Egyptian policemen and seized an army tank during an assault on a Sinai police station, close to the Israeli border. Say, wha?

Supposedly it is being considered the deadliest attack on the region in at least two decades, but hey, if Morsi says it’s cool, who is PD to argue?