A little less whimsy these days…Holidaying isn’t as easy as it used to be.

While Turkey warns against traveling to the US, it’s actually Disneyland Paris that has lost revenue due to terrorism fears.

A 10% drop in the number of visitors to Disneyland Paris has resulted in a 7% decline in revenue, which the company blames on the, “Adverse environment.”

That adverse environment extends to the whole of Paris which as of August of this year supposedly had lost in the ballpark of $850 Million in tourist spending.

If terrorism is keeping people from Euro Disney, Agenda 21 and the US National Park Service will be keeping you out of Utah’s Zion National Park.Zion National Park.

Damage from too much foot traffic has the National Park Service discussing the implementation of a special reserve system for park access in 2018.

Oh the plus side though, Indian budget carrier IndiGo has just joined the ranks of AirAsia, Thai Airways and Malaysian Airlines, by offering a Quiet Zone on their planes, where children under 12 aren’t welcome.

Kid-free for a price.So, if you’re single and hate kids your glass should be partially full on that one.

Just sayin’.