Well worth any check-in baggage fees.A little word to the wise for any PDers flying with Jet Airways: Don’t hold the three Venti Starbucks’ Peppermint Mochas for when you land, take advantage of the airplane bathroom.

Sure, airplane lavatories can be disgusting cesspools of uncooked salmon and impossible mile high acrobatics, but a new kidney won’t come cheap on Obamacare the black market, and while you’re there you can always check the walls for gold.

Yeah, gold, guys. Mr. T’s calling card, and Indian T-Shirt fabric. G-O-L-D. Gold.The best kind of Jenga.

Customs officials in Kolkata found 24 gold bars hidden inside a Jet Airways bathroom, last week.

While all reports so far indicate that the gold is legit, it’s tough to imagine that somebody would be having that bad of day to lose their roughly $1.2 million stash of gold…or that somebody would be having that good of a day to find $1.2 million of gold in an airplane john.

Still, if it’s happened once, it can happen again, so brave those H1N1 germs and hit the head before you land.