No place for heels.PD touched last month on Communist China working overtime to be sure their citizens do not behave badly, and while the threat of fines and arrest might arguably be going well so far, there’s a call for authorities to do more to foreign tourists rudely seeking a selfie peek at China’s treasures.

Last month, 73 year old, Cui Hongfang was tackling a trek on the Great Wall of China with the help of her husband, when an impatient Canadian burst between them, sending Cui flying headfirst into the stone siding, killing her.Brutal.

Cui’s husband described the incident to the media as, “The foreigner was moving really fast. She was chasing and laughing and wanted to go between me and my wife.”

“We have rules and warnings for tourists, asking them not to chase each other, run fast or play around on the steep sections of the Great Wall, ” said the Mutianyu Great Wall Tourism Services Company.

So quick and tragic.The rushing 38 year old Canadian woman apologized and ultimately agreed to pay Cui’s family 600,000¥, but anyone who has actually been to the Great Wall of China, has to be asking, who the hell is trying to run on that thing?

With steep drops that one has to put their fingernails into the groves of the stone in order to actually get up or down, who on the planet would think shoving others along on that is a good idea?

A Canadian? Really?

Just sayin’.