Selfies not only deadly, but when paired with a Hitler salute can mean jail time. It was a tough weekend for two Chinese tourists in Berlin.

Hoping to capture a satirical photo for Instagram by making the classic Hitler salute outside of the Reichstag, the pair were arrested and fined, since any allusion to Hitler’s Germany is legally verboten.

As with the Hitler wine collection in Augsburg, the act of the Hitler salute is fine-able under Germany’s anti-hate laws.From the Ugly American to the Arrested Chinese…

In the case of these two tourists though, they were released on a €500 (about $590) bail, accompanied with a threat that they could receive as much as 3 years in prison. However, in the next breath they were also told that they were free to leave the country at any time…so, there you have it.

All in all, with hateful anti-hate laws and tangles of regulation, it can be fairly dangerous to don your white Keds and explore the world.

Just sayin’.