Never discuss politics, religion or toboggans.

Never discuss politics, religion or toboggans.

While half of the globe roasts, complaining customers seeking winter-weather fun at the Thredbo Ski Resort in New South Wales have taken to Twitter (since, what else is Twitter for at this point, but to carp about the raw deals you’ve received from the Universe?) as the resort has banned the use of toboggans on their property.

Tobogganing = Very Dangerous

Calling tobogganing, “Very dangerous,” in further explanation of the new ban, Thredbo cites that toboggan use has led to an increase of collisions, “With another sled, vehicle, skier or snowboarder, loss of control of the equipment, falling off of the equipment; and collision with natural and man-made objects.”

Despite angry tweets claiming that now guests will have no choice but to be forced to shell out for snowboarding or skiing, the staff here at PD would beg to differ. In fact, the customers do have a choice.

They can choose to patron elsewhere if they do not agree with Thredbo’s new policies.

Ah, the beauty of the Free Market.

Just sayin’.