Pirate life: Less eyepatches, more AKs.Passengers that were aboard the Sea Princess for their 104-Day world cruise are now upset that for 10 days the ship had to go dark.

No, it wasn’t faulty wiring, or bad egg salad: It was pirates.

While going through the Indian Ocean, the ship’s Captain insisted there be no deck parties, no lights and minimal noise to keep pirates away—an act that he is clearly allowed to do according to the waivers signed by all cruise patrons before they board.

“Although unlikely, the ship may be confronted by actual or threatened war, warlike operations or hostilities. Carrier has the absolute right and sole discretion to respond to safety concerns of any kind, including, but not limited to sailing with or without lights, deviating from customary practices or rules and regulations concerning navigation, cargo or other matters in time of peace, or sailing armed or unarmed and with or without convoy.”Safe cruising.

The world might feel as if it’s cocooned in three layers of bubble wrap and that the FDA, NSA, CDC and all other initialisms mean you’ll never face hardship, but the reality is that pirates exist. Danger exists.

Sometimes that means your cruise will have to cancel movie night. Deal with it.

Just sayin’.