Come on, people!Apparently there actually was something in the water at the Mt. Tabor Reservoir in Portland, Oregon which led to millions of gallons of water being dumped.

What was it? Some type of anthrax, megalodon, brain eating amoeba? Well—no.

Thinking it was a sewage treatment plant (and that would make it somehow okay) a twenty-something urinated into the main water supply. Yeah.

So far the man and his buddies, who were also throwing things into the reservoir, have not been named or charged, but the water was drained.

Disgusting, right? Well, if you’re wondering where the fruit comes in, it’s in yet another piss-case—this one out of a supermarket in Sweden.You'll think twice next time you're at the market.

Yes, a Swede made a bee-line for the fruit section of his local Hemköp, dropped his pants and let it fly all over the oranges and apples.

Anyone feel like cider?

Come on, people. Seriously?! There’s a lot wrong with the world today, politically, economically, etc., but aren’t we at the place where we can at least agree to not pee all over produce or in the city’s drinking supply?

Just sayin’.