The tourist backlog there now.While the world dogpiles on Sharm el Sheikh Airport security (hey, they still confiscated our miniature sewing scissors last time we went through), California’s TSA isn’t doing all that well either.

A 33 year old TSA officer (the kind with epaulettes) was indicted last month for allegedly accepting a $500 bribe to move bags of marijuana through security checkpoints at Los Angeles International Airport on at least 9 separate occasions.We feel you.

US Attorney Eileen M. Decker claimed she expects, “All Federal employees to meet the high standards of ethical behavior,” which is interesting considering that last week three more security screeners were arrested at San Francisco International Airport for, “Defrauding the Government and smuggling cocaine.”

Using a similar method as the Los Angeles case, the three (each with a Leadership or Supervisory title) assisted passengers on at least 5 separate occasions in carrying narcotics stashed in their carry-on luggage through the terminals.

TSA logic.Isn’t all of this criticism of Sharm el Sheikh just the pot calling the kettle black?

Just sayin’.