Terrorists don't eat pesto. Fact.Sure, a TSA agent at Orlando International Airport did just try to take off with a wade of a passenger’s mad money, but not every airport security agency can be painted with that brush.

Case in point, the security agents at Genoa’s Crisoforo Colombo Airport, whom earlier this month, after noticing that they’d confiscated over 500 jars of pesto, decided to change their rule when it comes to the terroristic threat of the sauce.

Under their new Il Pesto è Bueno provision, passengers are now able to bring their jars of pesto aboard flights, provided they make a donation to the Flying Angels, a foundation that flies sick children to other nations for treatment.Allegedly sticky fingers.

So, yes— it’s extortion, but at least you still get to keep the pesto.

Besides, according to the rules of the Il Pesto è Bueno, the donation can be as low as 55¢.

Just sayin’.