An FAA fear.If you want real horror this month, that doesn’t include getting jumped by the Tolerant Left for dressing up your pug as Moana, look no further than the Federal Aviation Administration, an organization hell-bent on making flying even more of a miserable experience than it is now.

Currently, the FAA is concerned that the nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or hairspray you have stashed in your checked luggage could possibly ignite the lithium-ion batteries used in laptops.Not bomb-proof, but certainly beautiful. So far there has been no mention of banning the above items in checked luggage.

Their solution?

A ban on packing electronics larger than a cell phone in checked luggage.

Of course, let’s be honest, the pilfering that the TSA does has already taken care of people attempting to put any electronics into their checked bags.

Just sayin’.