"Safe" gets more and more relative.Hey, with the long-lasting sunburn of a few Arab Springs, the genius idea of Murgan Salem al-Gohary to blow up the Great Pyramids and the bombing of the Italian Consulate in Cairo, tourists haven’t been exactly chomping at the bit to head to Hurghada lately, and now, unfortunately for those needing to fill hotels and unlicensed camel rides—- it’s just gotten a whole lot worse.

Earlier this week, members of the Egyptian military made one hell of an accident when they mistook a convoy of Mexican holidaymakers for Daash, bombing said convoy and killing 8 of the 15 tourists. Another four drivers/guides were also killed.Tourist convoy "mistaken" for Daash.

Pausing their trip through the Bahariya Oasis for a brief picnic, an Obama purchased Apache helicopter mistook their 4x4s for those used by Daash.

The great and glorious President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi was quick to offer his condolences to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, and to assure that naturally any survivors were being given the best medical care Egyptians have to offer.

Cairo bombings on the increase and now this.The official line from Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism is that this particular convoy run by the Windows of Egypt travel group, “Did not have permits and did not inform authorities,” that they would be in that general, highly frequented tourist area.

However Windows of Egypt has said that they had all of the permits needed and their tour company logos were on the vehicles (complete with luggage strapped to the car roofs). Furthermore, this Windows of Egypt tour even had a police escort at the time the convoy was attacked.July's bombing of the Italian Consulate in Cairo.

Looks like most Europeans will opt for another staycation come wintertime.

Just sayin’.