Hotel of Doom, now possibly with electricity. Years ago our staff told you about Kim Jong-un’s Disney-like desire to turn his grandfather’s 30 year old, Hotel of Doom Ryugyong Hotel from a skeletal flop to finished fairytale, and now with the threat of World War III and truck loads of cash from China, it seems like that dream might come true.

A recent spotting of lights turned on inside the structure have proved to the world that in all glory of glories, there is actually electricity setup now in Ryugyong Hotel—either that or a bunch of high-powered flashlights.Dictators always make poor farmers.

As thrilling as the thought of a night at the Ryugyong sounds, unfortunately with drought conditions and dictator farming techniques, most of the citizenry of the DPRK are more interested in dealing with the latest Kim Family-induced famine.

Just sayin’.