Maybe the CDC has it wrong. Perhaps they are just ill, because they found out Hillary is running. A cruise can be a wonderful thing.

Some people really love the sailor look, plus there are those that champion the idea of being on a floating city, where foot traffic to the First Class Pool or saloon is all you have to contend with.

There’s the fresh sea air, the vying to score a seat at the Captain’s table, and so many calorie stuffed buffets that eventually one loses interest in lining their Chanel with crab puffs.Also, watch out for cruises you get for “free” in Vegas casinos, unless you are looking to removing 20ft of colon anyway.

There’s also nothing better than sleeping below deck, especially if you didn’t upgrade for that porthole. That type of deep darkness can seriously help you catch up on your beauty sleep.

After saying all of that though, we suggest that you choose the name of your cruise ship carefully, because right now, this week, 114 passengers on Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Legend of the Seas ship are facing a bad bout of vomiting and diarrhea.

It’s legendary alright. Legend…of…the…Seas.

Just sayin’.