$85 Million for memories.Back yet from your staycation? Well, today PD brings you news of a ballpark figure for the amount of taxpayer dollars used to pad out President Obama’s many holidays.

In eight years, President Barack Obama’s getaways have averaged over $10 Million per year with a total upwards of $85 Million for the taxpayer.

Curious about how that math? Well, for one of his multiple Christmases in Hawaii, the Secret Service deemed it necessary to rent 103 cars for the two week stay, which came out to $165,893.88.

Last Christmas alone came out to $4,823,206.88 of taxpayer funds.That’s a lot of tee-time.

According to the President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton, the organization that submitted the Freedom of Information Act request for the Obama vacation numbers, “The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel.”

Unnecessary use of the Air Force? Come on, it would be ridiculous to expect the Obamas to take the same plane as their dog, or even themselves together. Obviously, the FLOTUS and POTUS need their own planes to California.

Just sayin’.