Think it is bad now? Wait till January.Usually, our Happy Travel segments are a tongue in cheek look at holidaying in tyranny’s backyard, but this time around the PD staff is changing it up to a simple plea: If you’re currently in Venezuela—Get Out.

Think long and hard about hanging around till after the December election, because all of the cards say the escape window is getting smaller and smaller, and when we say cards we mean it down to the Guardians of the People armbands worn by the National Guard as they corral people in queues outside stores.Crazy doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Maduro’s United Socialist Party has gone full MANIAC on retail stores and producers, nationalizing them and arresting the owners. When has that type of economic approach worked out well in the long run?

Inflation is at reported breezy 54%, but the real numbers now will look like a cakewalk come January.

In a time when toilet paper is a deemed a bourgeois luxury, what makes you think that things will get better?

Leaving your native land, your home for generations, we know isn’t easy, but staying only to die isn’t the way to go.

This isn’t what freedom looks like.The situation is far direr than Venezuelan doctors using the wrong form of silicone for ass implants. The newly instituted Enabling Law only sanctions the actions Maduro has taken from the beginning.

Please, get out while you can. Yes, it’s simplistic, naïve advice, but do it. Go anywhere you can, just don’t stick around.

Call it Weimar, call it a great leap forward, call it tyranny, call it whatever you want—we all know what Maduro will have it be.