The luggage of the Russian airliner.An Arab Spring or two, a few hundred raped or thrown off the tops of buildings, a viral video and now the American revelation that the Russian airliner taken down over the Sinai Peninsula was done so by a possible Daash bomb amounts to some serious hard times for President Al-Sisi and those hawking hookahs and miniature plastic pyramids in Egypt.

Sunglass allies.

In an interesting use of diplomacy, UK’s David Cameron pushed out the welcome wagon for Al-Sisi (the media dropped the extra ‘s’ for savings) at Number 10 Downing today, but then suspended all British flights to Egypt, a move that aside from stranding any British tourists in the region, was called, “Premature and unwarranted,” by Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s Foreign Minister.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.Adding to the tense pleasantries of the meeting are Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s not at all patronizing words in response to Shoukry’s comments. “Of course this will have a huge negative impact for Egypt, but with respect to him, he hasn’t seen all the information that we have.”

Oh, he hasn’t? Well, that makes sense.The Tomb of Huy known for its Nubian art is now open.

To any British PDers now stuck in Sharm el Sheikh, we guess just belly up to the all-inclusive bar and try to enjoy another day or two or week warding off your winter pallor by the Red Sea or maybe try to go take a peek at the three newly opened (newly as in this week) tombs in Luxor, which include the famed Tomb of Huy…just don’t stop for a picnic lunch along the way.