Egypt, the ancient cradle of civilization and now swinging bachelor pad of the Muslim Bro-hood is one of PD’s top choices for a summer vacay. From the super friendly Bedouins (whom will feed you while you are held captive), to the luxury resorts of Sharm el Sheik patrolled by security officials with AK-47s, Egypt really does offer something for everybody.

It's raining men!

If you are in the market for a summer bride, look no further than an Egypt contact agency to navigate the limited red tape. Looking for a husband? Well, ladies, Cairo is a city teeming with men that are looking for a good time.

While in the capital city of Cairo, be sure to check out the National Museum to marvel at the relics of yesteryear (at least those not looted out last year). Hit up the Pizza Hut across the street from the Sphinx and other pyramids. If you mention PD, they’ll give you a discounted order of cheese bread.

Egypt is uber safe.Have a seat and some jasmine tea, or a 7up, at one of the perfume factories, where they will offer off-license Hugo Boss and Chanel #5. Remember not to give money to any of the begging children in the street—they’ll only use it to huff paint.

Take a Nile cruise, but steer clear of any of the on-board salad, unless you want to be heaving your guts out later on the bus ride back. Play I Spy with debris and garbage along the motorway. “I spy a cow carcass!”Jews loved in Egypt.

Don’t worry if you’re Jewish, because Egyptians love the Jews. Love, love, love them! They would never ever do a bad thing to a person, just because someone thought they might be of Jewish descent.

Still not sure? Bring your Star of David and just see how tolerant the Egyptians in the street are!