If you take away the mass graves, there’s a lot of lovely beach front.It seems heads in a cooler are back again (though, really did they ever leave?) as authorities report the find of two heads inside a cooler, only two blocks from the tourist zone of Cabo San Lucas.

Talk about a vacation to remember.

Of course, it’s not just heads, since the day before, this time in the tourist zone, another cooler was found with other body parts, which police claim appears to be from two dismembered bodies.

That particular geocache find came after the Sunday pronouncement that the total number of bodies excavated the week before from the mass grave found next to the San Jose del Cabo Resort was 18; 13 men and 5 women.Cabo.

Off hand, did you think that the whole drug cartel trend was pretty much left back in 2015? Well, that could be due to the fact that since March alone, 6 journalists have been murdered in Mexico.

¡Buen viaje!