The many cars set aflame that dot their way throughout the capital lend an almost festive air to this dark tourism destination.If despite our best warnings you still want to undertake some dark tourism in Caracas be ready, because now Maniac Maduro has decided you’ll need a visa for that.

Yes, over the weekend Venezuelan President and clairvoyant Nicolas Maduro decided that the best way to combat his Nation’s lack of provisions (flour, toilet paper, cooking oil, coffins) is not to release his dead man’s grip on the economy, but to instead shrink the size of the US Embassy and to force all Americans to apply for tourist visas.Ever heard of Caracas cardio? You really feel it the next day.

Oh, and those tourist visas? Yeah, Maduro expects those to be paid in the US dollar.

Calling the moves necessary to combat Gringo Imperialism, Maduro also decided to ban Florida Senator Marco Rubio from his shores, along with former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

Apparently, even though he’s supposedly orchestrating the coup, Maduro’s decided to give a pass to Vice President Biden.

San Cristobal is beautiful this time of year.Senator Rubio, whom has also been banned from traveling to Nicaragua, took Maduro’s decision on the chin, simply saying, “I love the people of Venezuela. I want that country to have freedom. I want it to have human rights and to be banned by a dictator like Nicolas Maduro is, to me, a badge of honor.”

Something to consider before you book your ticket.