Sacre bleu!The French have long been applauded for their enlightenment over other people, so why would the French government be any different?

Sure Hollande is a sleazebag, but their State-run railway must be a marvel of modern intelligence. Right?

Well, no. Apparently a little something was lost in the metric system when the genius powers that be ordered new trains that happen to be a tad too wide to fit most of the nation’s train stations, a €50 million or so boo-boo.

Amazingly enough, this level of bureaucratic incompetence shocked even Hollande’s ex (no, not Valerie Trierweiler, but the first famous ex) Environment and Energy Minister Ségolène Royal, causing her to say, “Such implausible errors simply go to show there are people in Parisian offices who are too far removed from the regional reality.”

C’est la vie.