Donors make great Heads of National Security.Today (August 15th) is the last day to turn in your ideas on how to speed up the TSA’s approach to securing the Nation, in hopes of bagging the $15,000 on offer under their, Next Generation Queue Design and Model contest.

Yup, Jeh Johnson promised things would be different under his reign as DHS Head (for one, there would be way less softball), and he is right. Offering to pay up to $15,000 of taxpayer money back to one lucky taxpayer is certainly different.

An example of TSA logic.

In case you don’t frequent, where the TSA has set up this design competition, they are looking for a “simulation model” which shows an “improved” check-in lane layout, and as an illegal-immigration head nod, even non-citizens can enter.

So essentially, the taxpayer to taxpayer cycle could be broken if Boko Haram’s and Al Qaeda’s best knock their heads together and come up with the winning solution, but hey, the US government forking over taxpayer money to terrorist rebel groups—what else is new?

A true TSA win.

It’s all explained in their press release, “In anticipation that more fliers will be eager to pay for expedited checkpoint screening, the Transportation Security Administration has promised to award $15,000 in cash prizes to whoever can design a faster waiting line system. TSA on Tuesday opened a competition on InnoCentive, a website for crowdsourcing solutions to problems, which enables individuals and teams to submit proposals.”

Not to sound like a broken record, but the real way security checkpoints can be streamlined would be to leave it up to the individual airlines and the Free Market, not a government department.

A few more examples of the TSA hard at work, protecting you at all costs.

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