PD showcased the rough and tumble lives of modern day inmates last week. Gone are the days of toilet moonshine, Alcatraz, and the Central Unit in Sugarland. Nowadays when one says they’ve done hard time, the biggest hardship they’ve endured is being forced to eat that last blueberry parfait, because they diddle-dallied on their in-cell Xbox too long.

Case in point, Brazil’s special take on criminal law which allows eligible inmates to spend holidays at home, with their family.

They get Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the crock holiday of Kid’s Day, and one extra holiday of their choice. (Did we mention we’re Frisbeetarian, and might need a few extra days? Is that cool? It is?! Great thanks!)

Eligible is defined as having served a whole 1/6 of your sentence already. Just ask for a quick holiday.

Golly gee! What a clever idea! Make the streets super safer around important family moments. If you love a good mugging, or have a desire to be knifed in the kidney, be sure to book your tickets to Brazil around Mother’s Day.

What’s surprising about this brilliant government policy though is that a lot of the time the inmates decide not to go back to the prison at all. Who would have thought that a criminal, raised in a criminal system, would go back on their word?

Yup, it’s a hard knock life.