While they're at it, shouldn't they be burning some books?We’ve talked a lot lately about how Egypt is trying to boost their tourism numbers, from promoting camel races to inviting the Fresh Prince to the pyramids, but today our Genius Idea Friday spotlight belongs to Biloxi, Mississippi that in a bid to up tourism has gotten rid of any remnants of the Confederate flag.

Yes, apparently according to the City Spokesman Vincent Creel, people aren’t clamoring to visit Biloxi, because of their Confederate flags and memorials. “We don’t think we should give them any reason to reconsider their decision to visit our community.”

The flag itself isn’t sported anymore in Biloxi even on Confederate Memorial Day, by order of Mayor Andrew Gilich.The current flag of Mississippi.

In fact, it’s not just Biloxi, but the whole of Mississippi that is looking to replace their State flag, since part of it depicts the Confederate one.

PD is sure that once all traces of American history or really history in general are removed, everyone will want to Spring Break in Mississippi.