Soon to be glare free. In keeping up with last Friday’s Genius Idea actually being a genius idea, this week’s also has a bit of brilliance.

Travelers might have gotten used to having their Samsung Galaxy Note 7s confiscated and put in a fireproof lockbox on their planes, but the US Department of Transportation is actually considering loosening the leash when it comes to making calls during flights.

Contrary to popular belief, no cell phone use on flights has always been a mandate of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and not the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and has really never had anything to do with preventing your plane from crashing.Maybe one day...

In an amazing step towards the Free Market, the Department of Transportation is currently pitching that the airlines themselves should be able to decide whether or not their customers can make in-flight calls.

Letting airlines and consumers make their own decisions? Wow.