Garcetti's got this.

Garcetti’s got this.

Planning to visit Los Angeles this summer? Want to pump some iron on Venice Beach and do a 1990’s rollerblading montage?

Well, you might want to watch out for Hepatitis while you are there.

Yup, sunny California with its high taxation rate and regulations upon regulations, is facing one of the worst Hepatitis A outbreaks in decades, putting the city well below refugee camp standards, at least according to the LA Central Providers Collaborative.

With roughly 50,000 living on the streets, outdoor defecation has helped this particular outbreak spread.

Even with Governor Jerry Brown declaring a Hepatitis state of emergency back in October, and the county power washing the streets of Venice Beach every few days with bleach, overall the problem has not gotten much better.

Mayor Garcetti at the Hepatitis Helm

Garcetti's got this.

And this.

According to his Press Secretary Alex Comisar, “Mayor Garcetti is committed to improving health and safety for Angelenos affected by the homelessness crisis, and the City is dedicating new resources to expanding access to restroom and shower facilities, as well as keeping our streets and sidewalks clean. This year’s budget included $1.4 million for the maintenance and expansion of toilets on Skid Row, and the City is working to create new facilities in other areas of Los Angeles, because no one should be forced to live in unhealthy, dangerous, or unclean conditions while they are waiting to move into new permanent supportive housing.”

Hey, Garcetti has only been mayor for 5 years, and before that was on the City Council from just 2001. He clearly needs more time.

Speaking of which, lately, Garcetti has been spending a lot of that time in Iowa working on a Presidential run.