Female-only transport needed in 2018.

Female-only transport needed in 2018.

This week’s Genius Idea Friday feature walks the line for our PD Staff, due to a 40/60 split.

On the one hand, the idea is ridiculous; on the other, in 2018 we live in a world where the idea, no matter how ludicrous, could really save lives.

Female-Only Transport

Even your ambulance can be pink.

Even your ambulance can be pink for your safety.

From Cairo’s women-only buses driven by—you guessed it, a female driver, to Dubai’s pink ambulances, female-only transport is the latest equality move to prevent sexual assaults on the go.

India’s Delhi Metro has women-only carriage denoted with pink signs, but to prove it is not only a pink affair, Thailand’s female-only train carriages are done in purple.

Japan and Brazil’s metro systems also have women-only carriages, with even the UK considering adding their own female-only carriages.

What say you, PDers? In a world where it has been decided by the State, that women are incapable of protecting themselves with firearms, is corralling women in together like sheep the answer?