Maybe spring for an actual seat.While we could cover Tufts University assuring their Student Body that they will prosecute and punish any offensive Halloween Fall Festival costumes this year, a university doing something tyrannical and intolerant in the name of tolerance is hardly anything new.

Instead, for this Genius Idea Friday we want to talk about body parts falling from the sky.

Early on a Sunday morning in January 2014, residents of the Saudi city Jeddah reported that human remains had simply fallen from the sky and landed at an intersection of Mushrefa.

Apparently, the body parts belonged to someone that had tried to catch a ride inside of a plane’s undercarriage bay.The last landing gear death was in September of this year.

This practice is more common than you might think and almost always has disastrous consequences for the traveler, given that most of those which take a chance hiding in a plane’s landing gear usually freeze to death when the aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

Yikes— and yet there are still some that think flying Coach is bad.