If you’d planned to enjoy the carnival fun at Rheinberg this year, hopefully you, unlike the carnival organizers, allotted yourself a contingency option.In 2015, we might have marveled at how the fear of Daash caused Braunschweig to cancel their annual community carnival celebration, but this year, yet another German city has decided to give their tradition of brightly colored costumes and merriment the heave-ho, this time to prevent giving the thousand plus refugees in their town the opportunity to rape and rob.


Sure, the carnivals of Brazil have been scaled back due to Zika and economic mismanagement at the helm of the Rousseff Administration, but Rheinberg (normal population at about 32,000) claims that after the under-reported rape show in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, town officials cannot rule out the possibility of, “Drunken refugees coming into town to prey on women.”Yeah, there’s no funds for carnival this year, but who else is excited for the Rio Olympics?

Paul van Holt, the Head of the Organizing Committee cites that there just isn’t enough time left to come up with a new security plan, “We would’ve needed half a year to come up with a new security plan.”

So, there goes Rose Monday, Fat Tuesday and while they’re at it, they may as well get a jump on canceling Easter and Christmas. You know, all of those haram holidays.