Airport genius appears to be a rare thing.Given that this Tuesday was April Fool’s Day, despite our staff’s loathing of this lame holiday, we figured what better genius idea to feature than one with a little humor and anal prank-age?

Yeah, anal prank-age. We said it. Remember, more speech not less? Well, there you go.

Queuing for prodding finally got the better of a gentleman causing him to say to the security agent, “Do I need to drop my pants as well? I have a bomb in my ass.”

Members of our staff have had more than our fair share of pat-down problems at Beijing Airport (We told you Gram-Gram, you can’t carry those Ming daggers onto the flight. You got to check those suckers), so this story was made all the more genius when we learned that the person in question tried to pull this move there—Beijing.

Bawlsy.PD does not support Bad Advice Cat in any way, shape or form.

Of course this frustration fueled joke didn’t go over well, closing down the entire terminal and leading to one hell of a long first date for the guy, as of course sarcasm is lost on anyone in uniform.

Sorry to break it to you, man, but long gone are the days when people might have treated you like a person at checkpoints, and gone longer still are the days where you could have said things like this