Air India.At a time when airline customer service seems to be an archaic concept, Air India, ever the pioneer, has decided that the reason their airline is ranked as the 3rd Worst Airline for Flight Delays (there’s a plaque and everything) is down to their customers.

In order to shed that ranking, the solution to the executives of Air India is clear: Charge passengers a “symbolic amount” for any delays.

Yes, if a passenger can’t quite get their bags properly stowed away or are just doing a slow putter to their seat, Air India plans to fine them $7,750. A delay between one or two hours will be greeted with a $15,500 fine, and anything over two hours means the Air India passenger will be charged an extra $23,260.New ads.

While our staff is skeptical about the magical power of fines to solve airlines delays, we will admit that so far in 2017 Air India flights were delayed a fair amount by India MPs.

MP Ravindra Gaikwad of the Shiv Sena Party beat a flight attendant with his shoe last month, and the month before, an Air India flight to Hyderabad from Delhi was delayed by 45 minutes due to Congress Rajya Sabha MP Renuka Chowdhary deciding to shop a little bit instead of making her way to the gate on time.

Of course, under Air India’s new policies, the MPs’ fines would just end up coming from the Indian taxpayer anyway.