That’s a lot of people to keep tabs on.Do you remember how we covered the recent slew of nudity enthusiasts touring Cambodia’s Angkor Wat last month? Well, if Communist China has anything to say about it, those prime examples of bad tourists won’t ever be Chinese.

Move over America, it seems China is surpassing you yet again. Whereas the Ugly American used to be the gold standard for appalling behavior abroad, the China National Tourism Administration worries that might soon be changed to the Uncivilized Chinese.

From April of this year, the CNTA has begun combing social media, looking into citizen’s bank accounts, and checking in with border control, customs officers, and police to make sure that the people of the People’s Republic of China are not doing anything inappropriate or shameful abroad.

Apparently, as a move toward capitalism has resulted in higher wages, it’s only been in the last decade that the Chinese have joined the vacation set, which in the eyes of the ever watching Chinese Government means that there’s an increased potential of Nation-wide disgrace with these novice travelers.That will cost her.

Calling for more overall social supervision the CNTA makes the case that, “’Tourism reflects on the country and the people’s image.”

In fact, just this last week, Chinese authorities blacklisted four people from further travel; two for being snarky to an AirAsia flight attendant (in fairness, it got so bad that the flight had to return to Bangkok), one for opening the plane’s emergency exit doors on a domestic flight, and the last one for climbing onto statues at Mount Hua.

Hey, there’s no vacation from tyranny.