Finnair.Did you skip out on the pumpkin-shaped Reese’s this year? Were you firm on your no when it came to candy corn all October? Feeling extra spry after your Zombie 10k and time spent on the elliptical?

If so, you probably wouldn’t mind jumping up on the scale before your next Finnair flight.

Yup, for the next few weeks Finnair is asking for volunteers on flights departing from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to weigh themselves before taking off in order to help the airline build customer data for, “Safer flights.”

Apart from how trim you are these days, Finnair will also be recording your age, gender (good luck on that one), amount of overall luggage, and reason for flying (yes, flying has become just such a terrible experience airlines are still shocked we do it).Ready to hop up for Finnair?

So far, no incentives have been offered by the airline for volunteering other than of course, giving you the chance to parade for the people on your flight your high sense of self-control before the holiday season kicks into full gear.

What say you, PDers? Are you interested in helping Finnair out?